January 2017

Orality in Missions

Chuck Madinger

The ongoing Evangelical discussion of orality relates to engaging all peoples with the word, especially those with a high orality reliance (HOR). It is first a discussion—an interaction of scholars and practitioners trying to unlock doors that reveal ways and means of communication and learning.  



Miles Jarvis

How can we analyze the level of dependency in a church or ministry that has support from overseas? Can we monitor the effectiveness of measures that are implemented in order to increase local sustainability over time?

Pierre Rosa

Missiologists have already observed that the center of the Christian faith has shifted to the Majority World (Latin America, Africa, and Asia), what most of the current literature in missiology calls the “Global South.”

Hansung Kim

The Church in Nepal is the fastest-growing Church in the world today (Mitchell 2013). Officially, there were no Christians and Protestant missionaries living in Nepal until 1951.

Heather Ricks

For over seventeen years my husband and I had raised support and had seen both the victories and defeats. However, no matter how short or long it took, or how many struggles we faced along the way, God always provided what we needed in order for us to serve him in the places he led us.

Will Brooks

As one who is involved in theological education in a missions context, I am encouraged by many young missionaries who recognize that the task of missions is not complete when a few are converted, or when an initial church or even a group of churches are planted among a people group.

Megan Meyers

In this article, I want to take medical ethnomusicology a step beyond, addressing missiological issues that arise from diverse kingdom practices in Mozambique. I demonstrate how music and the creative arts can constructively engage society, supporting and nurturing a vital way of life and health that bears public witness to the reign of God.

Jim Harries

Teaching world religions to African students in Kenya gradually became a strange experience. I say gradually, because in my earlier years of teaching I did not seem to realize what was happening.

Craig A. Smith

Over the last thirty years, the Western world has experienced a huge influx of immigrants from mainland China and Hong Kong. This diaspora of Chinese immigrants found fertile soil in Western countries, which is reflected in the plethora of churches scattered throughout. These churches are comprised of first, second, and 1.5-generation leaders and congregants.  


Diaspora in Missions

Sadiri Joy Tira

 In the last decade, research on and response to migration has become a priority for nations and communities. More recently, mission organizations, denominations, and congregations have rallied to locally address migrants.


Book Reviews

Dean Flemming

Abingdon Press, 2015

Paul H. de Neui, ed.

William Carey Library, 2016


A Second Look: Editorial by EMQ Editor Gary Corwin

Gary Corwin

Every Christian with a heart to please Christ faces a daily challenge to maintain and even grow in integrity—to be as good on the inside as we may seem to others on the outside. The measure of character, as has been wisely observed, is what we do and think when nobody is looking.